Quis Leget Haec

Who will read this?

The scope of the publishing house Narrow Mind is to publish those books that no one wants to read. Firstly, those of the founder and those close to him, but also those of other authors as long as the manuscripts are uncomfortable, touch a sore spot, dwell on what most of society wants to hide, etcetera.

That is, manuscripts are welcome and we would like to publish them, as long as they belong, on a general basis, to this narrow field.

A necessary requirement for a book to tackle these issues is that it has a very precise focus, and a very short depth of field, that it deals only with what it has to deal with. These books require narrow-mindedness. The books that we want to publish are extreme to some extent, they got to the end of some path: these books don’t recognise themselves, their authors didn’t have any other alternative than writing them.

“It is one of the chief skills of the philosopher not to occupy himself with questions which do not concern him”. Ludwig Wittgenstein’s journal entry on 1st May 1915.