12 Volumes of the Artistic Year

A few months ago, while dismantling what was once the family home, I came across a collection of books published in 1882 and titled “The Christian Year”. They are twelve carefully edited volumes. Each book corresponds to a month of the year and inside it has pages dedicated to each day of the month. On each daily section, there is the saint of the day, the martyrology, the pious readings appropriate for that specific day, etcetera. The devout Christian found on them an index of spiritual reference that kept him in close contact with his beliefs, that helped him to keep in mind his Christian condition throughout his life.

We are crafting a similar collection of books, but for the use of those who live art intensely, to serve them to renew daily the sense of artistic practice on a daily basis, to offer the reader ideas and encouragement, a companion who is always present, a pious book.

Until the work is finished, we are still looking for who might be willing to help on the collection, selection and edition of the content of these books. The work of editing these contents is enormous: collaborators propose sections, edit texts, collect data and suggest new ideas and possibilities. Interested parties can get in touch via the publisher’s email address.


Images of “The Christian Year”.